KAK INDUSTRY is a design and manufacturing company that specializes in wildcat uppers for LR-308 platform and AR15. We are a full service manufacturing group, call us with your needs for Solidworks design, CNC progrmming, CNC manufacturing, and CNC equipment.
The revolutionary SureFire WARCOMP-556-1/2-28 and WARCOMP-762-5/8-24 flash hider, which fits M4 / M16 weapons and variants with ½-28 muzzle threads, or 7.62 (.308 caliber) rifles with 5/8-24 muzzle threads, is the world’s most shootable flash hider. Its patent-pending design provides three valuable functions: It provides over 99% reduction in muzzle flash compared to a plain muzzle, which ...
It is possible to make an adapter to connect the four-pin header to an E8a connector or an FT232R-based serial port. TBD. Here's a hint: Get a TTL-232R-3.3V cable.
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