A simple tutorial that shows how to upload temperature data to thingspeak using an arduino and an internet connection from your PC.
2nd Step : Configuring Thingspeak Cloud -. Source: www.thingspeak.com. Visit www.thingspeak.com and click on the "Get Started" button to make a free account.
ThingSpeak requires a user account and a channel. A channel is where you send data and where ThingSpeak stores data. Each channel has up to 8 data fields, location fields, and a status field. You can send data every 15 seconds to ThingSpeak, but most applications work well every minute.
In the below code you need to change your Network SSID, Password and your ThingSpeak Channel and API Keys. Replace the following content in the code, ‘Your SSID Here’ – Your Wi-Fi Name ‘Your Password Here’ – Your Wi-Fi Password ‘YYYYYY’ – Your ThingSpeak Channel Number (without Quotes) ‘XXXXXXXXXXX’ – Your Thing Speak ...